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To find a gold or gem vacation spot, click on the Gold Prospecting or Gem Hunting menu and select your location. I have them listed by State or International. All locations that I have been able to find on the net are listed. If you know of a vacation spot (that has a website) please let me know, I’m always looking to add more.

If you go on a prospecting vacation, please come back and let us know how it was. Don’t forget to take plenty of pics and video!

Thanks and have a great vacation,

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They’re at it again! WIN A 1/2LB. OF GOLD!!

The Waldo Mining District (WMD) and the Eastern Oregon Mining Association (EOMA) are giving away another . . . ONE HALF POUND OF GOLD! (6 oz. Troy)

Back in 2011-2012, EOMA/WMD held a series of Drawings with a Final Grand Prize of 1/2 Pound of Gold to help raise funds for the EOMA Legal Fund in connection with our on-going suits against the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) “700PM Instream Mining Permit” issued July, 2010. As successful as those Drawings were, we unfortunately need more funding to see this litigation through to the end. In order to raise the necessary funds, we are holding another series of Drawings . . . and just like before:

One lucky person will be the winner of another Half Pound of Gold!

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Site Update

So I finally got around to updating all the locations. I fixed some of the broken links and such. Also, a few locations have closed since the last update. I am still listing them for a bit (in the hopes they’ll re-open), but they have been tagged as Closed.

As always, if you know of any other prospecting vacation spot, please let me know. And don’t forget to take pictures and video of your next vacation!


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Win some Gold and Silver!

The New 49′ers Prospecting Club is trying to raise money for legal funds to fight for prospectors rights. If you would like to help out, please purchase tickets on their website. Hurry, though! The drawing is on Friday!

You could win one of these!







Good Luck!

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The Gold Bucket

So one of my buddies just bought one of these. We tried it out at his house with some gravel he brought back from N. Cal. It was catching some small gold…cause that’s all he had! LOL  Anywho, we plan on taking this bad boy out to the field and see how it does. If it works well we might just be leaving the sluices at home.

By Christian Hill
The Register-Guard
PUBLISHED: 12:00 A.M., JAN. 26

Mark Peterson has hit paydirt with a gold panning kit.

His company, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Inc., has sold more than 2,200 kits in 14 months and allowed the 46-year-old Eugene resident to realize a lifelong dream of taking a product from concept to market.

His kit quickly developed a following in prospecting circles, garnering nearly 9,700 “likes” on Facebook, posts from customers who have struck gold using the kit, and the attention of Jim Thurber, one of the stars of the reality show “Gold Rush.” Thurber, a Portland resident, made a trip to Eugene to check it out and praised it online: “So nice to use something that works and is so easy to use!!!”

While reality TV and social media have spread word of Peterson’s kit, he has also gotten a boost from the state of Oregon and from other states that have tightened regulation on motorized prospecting equipment. This resulted in prospectors looking for alternatives, such as the Nugget Bucket.


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Two Gold Prospecting schools have joined forces!

I happened across this article today. Awesome!

Story from

Gold Prospecting School Arizona Gold Adventures Partners with Arizona Outback

White Plains, NY — (SBWIRE) — 12/03/2013 — Arizona Gold Adventures Inc (AGA), has expanded its gold prospecting school by partnering with Arizona Outback LLC (AZO), to instruct clients wishing to learn how to metal detect for gold nuggets. Arizona Outback is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of metal detector technology and has served the gold prospecting and treasure hunting community since 1998.

Arizona Outback metal detecting instructors have traveled the world using the metal detecting technology they train with, and are accredited Minelab Metal Detector experts. Like Arizona Gold Adventures, AZO is a family owned company that prides themselves on honesty and superior customer satisfaction and service.

“We are thrilled to have Chris Gholson and his Arizona Outback cadre of instructors working with us,” remarked Terry Soloman, Chief Operations Officer for Arizona Gold Adventures. “This partnership means AGA clients will have access to some of the best metal detecting instructors in the United States, as well as many of the best gold claims in Arizona.”

For more information on Arizona Outback LLC, located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, call Chris Gholson at 928-777-0267 or, visit them at

About Arizona Gold Adventures Inc.
Arizona Gold Adventures Inc. with business offices headquartered in White Plains, New York, is the leading provider of guided, fully equipped and outfitted instructional gold prospecting day trips and vacations in the state of Arizona. Call Terry Soloman at 914-589-3985 for more information or visit us at:


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An unforgettable day explains why miners never want to give up

An unforgettable day explains why miners never want to give upOn Oct. 6, Mike Corbley and his mining partners Andy Herndon, Curtis Dorr and Sam Price, dug up two extraordinary pieces of gold from a patch of ground in the Swauk mining district near the town of Liberty that for 140 years, among the miners of the area, has been affectionately referred to as the potato patch.

While metal detecting a newly exposed area of bedrock under the ancient river channel that once flowed through the district, Andy, having already picked out a half ounce and a quarter ounce nugget, suddenly got an “odd” signal from his detector. “It’s a low high” he said, referring to the sound in his earphones.


An unforgettable day explains why miners never want to give up.

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New Gem Location in Montana

gem mountain mt 2A new site has been added to the gem list! Gem Mountain Montana in Philipsburg, MT. Search for sapphires at their mine location, their downtown store, or order online! Yes, you can order gem material online and have it shipped to you!!


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Win Gold from Dave McCracken!

Help Dave McCracken fight for our mining rights. He’s giving away 3 OUNCES of his own gold to to replenish their legal defense fund to keep up with the cost of defending small-scale miners on multiple fronts. Dave McCracken is the founder of The New 49′ers prospecting club; which has been in exsistence since 1985. Both the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management have acknowledged this organization as being legitimate under the 1872 mining law; because so many of the members actually go out and develop high-grade gold deposits.

To help Dave and The New 49′ers with their legal defense fund, go to their website and donate to get entries. CLICK HERE

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California Gives the Green Light on Underwater Suction Mining!

So it looks like Dave McCracken from the New 49ers in Northern California has devised a way to get to those underwater pay streaks we all dream about; but have been unable to pursue due to the current regulations of the California Department of Fish & Game. He has devised a way to “transfer” NOT “dredge” the underwater gravel from the bottom to a holding location to be processed later. Since he is not running the gravel through a sluice box, it doesn’t count as “suction dredging”.

From the New 49ers Website:

I am very happy to announce that on April 19th, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) denied a recent Petition from the Center for Biological Diversity which attempted to expand the regulatory definition of “suction dredge” to include our new method of underwater suction mining. Had the Petition been approved, our new method would have been prevented by California’s existing state-wide moratorium on suction dredge mining.

Amongst other reasons for denying the Petition, DFW pointed out that the Karuks and their allies had plenty of opportunity to expand the regulatory definition when they participated in the multi-million dollar administrative process that was formally completed about a year ago.

See the full story on the New 49er Website:  CLICK HERE

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Using Google Earth to Prospect

I’ve read several articles on how to use Google Earth, even watched a few videos, but I’ve never quite gotten the hang of how it was supposed to help me. I found a You Tube video today that changed that.  An outfit called Yankee Gold Prospecting Adventures has a quick 10 minute video that is very informative and easy to understand.  Hopefully I’ll put a little more color in my pan now!

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