Juniper Ridge Fire Opal Mine

Southern Oregon



  • Contact: e-mail on web-site
  • Web site:
  • Length of Vacation: Day trip
  • Cost: $250 (per person, per day or ONE gallon-bucket)
  • Open: Seasonal – call or email for more info
  • Type of Prospecting: Fire Opal
  • Equipment: Bring your own
  • Instruction: Web-site does not say
  • Lodging: In both Lakeview and Klamath Falls
  • Meals: Bring your own and LOTS of water

From their web site:

The mine on Juniper Ridge has been worked off and on for over thirty years, but was never promoted very much. The claim lay dormant for a time until Ken Newnham and his son Chuck found it and placed it under claim again in 1998. Old maps of the location had been inaccurate, and it had taken them over two years, hiking many miles in the surrounding hills before they found the abandoned pit.

The mine partners, who are all lapidaries, worked the mine for a few years by hand with family and friends, and produced a collection of cabochons and spheres from the material.

During 2002, they opened the mine to other collectors on a fee-dig basis. Since then, the popularity of the material has skyrocketed due to the incredible color, stability, and sizes of their material. It is not unusual to collect nodules of opal the size of a baseball, and this past summer, Ken retrieved a twelve-pound nodule.

The Newnhams continue to work the mine and to make appointments for fee-digging at their serene and scenic retreat high in the mountains of South Eastern Oregon.

2 Responses to Juniper Ridge Fire Opal Mine

  1. Darrell Atchley says:

    Hello Chuck i don,t know if you remember me but i am sure you that you remember the surface polisher that you used of mine and brought me back a peace of scrap with a burnt up motor and that is that is last time i herd from you i think that it should be worth at least a free dig or a bucket of opal i will wait for some kind of answer from you

    • Dan says:

      Hi Chuck, thanks for visiting my site. I am not affiliated with any of the sites listed here. I simply put them all in one place so people can find them easier. If you would like to leave a message for Juniper Ridge Fire Opal Mine, please visit their website. You can find the link above.

      Good luck!

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