Gold prospecting emerges as popular Sky Valley outdoor recreation

From The Monroe Monitor

Ever wondered what it would be like to find treasure? Visit Prospector’s Plus, a real, working gold mining and prospecting store located in Gold Bar, and it may only be a matter of time before you are experiencing that seductive gold flash-in-the-pan for yourself.

Walking into Prospector’s Plus, you are welcomed by owners Chris and Michele Brawn, along with their 5-year-old son Cody, who is a sixth-generation gold prospector. This is a store with heart. A heart of gold, to be exact. The store is busy on a Friday morning, and Chris is in the process of selling one of his custom gold pans, the Brawn Two-in-One.

Prospector’s Plus has been in business for close to five years, and fills a unique niche within the Sky Valley’s repertoire of outdoor recreational activities. Prospecting for gold is a family-friendly hobby that is attractive on many different levels; splashing around in rivers, creeks and streams is fun for kids and adults alike; it’s great exercise; you can choose to go it alone or enjoy group camaraderie within the prospecting community by becoming a member of Prospector’s Plus.


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