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Royston Turquoise Mine

Tonopah, Nevada

  • Phone:  775-482-9889
  • Web site: http://www.roystonturquoise.com/minetours.htm
  • Length of Vacation:
  • Cost: $100/person
  • Open: April 1 – October (call for reservations)
  • Type of Prospecting: Turquoise
  • Equipment: Call for information
  • Instruction: Call for information
  • Lodging: Remote location, working mine; no lodging
  • Meals: Bring your own food

From their web site:

Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonopah, Nevada. “Royston Turquoise,” originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Wehrend, and Royal Blue. Lynn Otteson moved to Tonopah to mine Royston Turquoise in 1958 and the family have been Turquoise Minors since. Royston Turquoise in known world wide for having a wide range of Turquoise colors from a beautiful soft blue to emerald greens. The color often runs together in the same rock which creates some of the most spectacular Turquoise stones on earth. Today the Royston mining district is primarily controlled by the Otteson family. Dean and Danny Otteson, (brothers) mine what is now known as Royston Turquoise. Once the Turquoise is out of the ground, it is processed, sorted for quality and carefully allocated to the proper artists for Turquoise Jewelry to be made.

You will need to bring sunscreen, gloves, a good pair of shoes (tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc.), proper clothing (t-shirt, pants, hat, and some warmer layers as the weather may change fast), water, some sort of snack if you desire, and whatever you would like to dig with.

Transportation to mine is limited, so let us know if you need a ride ahead of time.


  1. Marcia Buker

    Recently inherited quite a few of your roast on that a older lady purchased in 2010

    I will be traveling to Las Vegas soon and wanted to know how far are the mines from there
    Really want to experience this !!!!

    How do I figure how much each piece is worth ?


    • Dan

      Hello Marcia,

      I (and my website) do not have any affiliation with the locations I have listed here. This is just a free website I have put up to help others enjoy prospecting. If you need to contact Roystone Turquoise Mine, I suggest you call or email them. Their phone number is on this page, and you can find their email on their website.

      Good luck!

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