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Gem Hunting

 Even though I haven’t done much gem hunting my self, I know how much others love this hobby. My one trip to a gem mine, Gems of Pala in California, was such a fun experience I can’t wait to go again. The Benitoite mine just West of Coalinga will probably be our next exposure to being a ‘Rock Hound’.

I have created a separate page for each US State and each Country abroad. The locations are all listed alphabetically. If your state does not have a link or your country is not listed, then I have not been able to find a gem hunting location on the web for that state/country or location. If you run a tour or know of any new locations, please let me know the information or web-site and I will add it as soon as I can.

Share basis – You should call or email before you visit any mine to find out if fee diggers are on a share basis. A share basis means that half of what you find belongs to the mine. This helps them pay for their overhead. Some of the mines listed are and some are not; I have noted those that are under Cost. To keep the surprises to a minimum I recommend calling before you visit any mine.

My hope is that everyone that stumbles across my web site will get out of their houses and into the fields. Gold and Gem prospecting are wonderful hobbies that bring families together for a common goal. Combine that with all the great outdoor exercise you get and I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this!

FYI – If you are color blind (like me) you may have a hard time spotting some gems.


United States

     Arkansas / California / Idaho / Montana / Nevada / North Carolina / New York / Oregon




  1. john butterfield

    looking weekend trips close to los angeles
    <100 miles

    • GimmeGold

      Hi John,

      Sorry, but I have not found any pay to prospect locations near Los Angeles. There are several Gem Hunting locations near San Diego, though. I usally go up to East Fork in the Angeles National Forest, off of Azuza and the 210.


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