Lake Co., OR


  • Phone: 541-343-2201
  • Length of Vacation: Two day trip
  • Cost: $349 per person
  • Open: Scheduled tours for May through October
  • Type of Prospecting: Oregon Sunstone
  • Equipment: Not sure, call for info
  • Instruction: Provided
  • Lodging: One night cabin, one night bring your own tent/camper/etc.
  • Meals: Bring your own food, water

From their web site:

Two days exploring and collecting Oregon’s official state gemstone with Robert Wells in the Sunstone mining district, Lake Co., Oregon.

Included in the tours

  • Overview and detailed exploration of the mining district.
  • Detailed training in being comfortable and safe in the high desert.
  • Meet the miners and experience the lifestyle of gemstone mining.
  • Insider tips for successful collecting in the Public Use Area.
  • Half day dig/screen at a commercial mine.
  • One stone each that the participants have collected cut and polished.
  • Specially prepared map of the area and the booklet ‘Treasures from the Dust’.
  • Information enabling a full and rich experience and reasonable comfort.
  • One night stay in a cozy cabin, hot showers, and a miners dinner made together.


The mining area is sage brush desert with little natural shade at 4,400′ elevation. With the usual wild life including a large ant population, rabbits galore, scorpions, and the occasional venomous snake. It can be very windy with temperatures ranging between the 30’s and 90’s. It is a very remote location with the nearest hospital over a two hour drive away. Cell phone reception is weak and spotty. Not suitable for the weak or infirmed. Children are OK with proper monitoring. Participants will provide the own transportation to the area food, water, bedding, tent/camper or RV.