Biggest online listings of prospecting vacation locations. If you want to look for Gold or Gems, this is the place to find your adventure!

North Carolina

Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine – Spruce Pine, NC

Emerald Hollow Mine – Hiddenite, NC

Foggy Mountain Gem Mine – Boone, NC

The Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine – Franklin, NC


  1. william bailey

    can you or could you please send me info on gold/gem mining price/season. thank you

    • Dan

      Hi William, thanks for visiting my site. I am not affiliated with any of the sites listed here. I simply put them all in one place so people can find them easier. If you would like to leave a message for any of the sites listed here, please visit their page and follow the links to their website. You can find some the links above.

      Good luck!

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