Jamestown, CA

  • Phone: 209-213-9719 / 209-352-6373
  • Web site: https://www.gold-panning-california.com
  • Length of Vacation: Day Trip
  • Cost: $120 per person & up (depends on activity)
  • Open: Open year-round by appointment
  • Type of Prospecting: GOLD – Panning, Sluicing, Highbanking
  • Equipment: Bring your own or rent
  • Instruction: Provided with a fee
  • Lodging: Nearby in Jamestown
  • Meals: Bring your own, or nearby in Jamestown

From their web site:

Today, we have it a bit less difficult than the 49’ers. We can drive to our destination, buy an ice-cold Coke when hot and stop at our local store to grab a slice of pizza when hungry. What hasn’t changed?

Like the miners of old, we still have to put a shovel in the ground and find the elusive metal we call gold.

We are here to help you fulfill the fantasy or dream of finding a little bit of that gold. We sample areas to find the best places for you to look. Be it flour gold, gold flakes or a nugget, we do the hardest part for you. We find where the gold should be and let you dig it out of the ground. It is still not easy, digging in the dirt is hard work. You earn the gold you keep. When you are done with us you will leave with dirt on your face, sweat on your brow, water in your boots and a smile as big as the moon.