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Hi, my name is Dan. I live in Washington state with my wife Michelle and my youngest daughter, Olivia. My eldest, Alexandria, is now living in Minnesota of all places! (My wife’s family is from Minnesota.)

I’ve been interested in prospecting since I was a kid with my dad. Unfortunately, we never went out prospecting when I was a kid. Not until I was in the California National Guard did I get my first taste of prospecting. It was during one of the musters that I saw one of my platoon sergeants, SGT. Hennesy (Hey Mike, drop me a line if you read this), reading a prospecting magazine. I asked him about it and he offered to take me up to the mountains to do a little panning afterward. Well, we went up to Follows Camp on the East Fork and I panned my first pan. I remember that we only got a few flakes, but I’ve been hooked as soon as I saw that first color!

It didn’t take my dad and me long to get our own sluice and pans. We did it on and off for the past 14 years or so. With no experience and what little knowledge we got from books and online, we’ve found only a few flakes here and there. So I decided to join the GPAA and really take Prospecting on as a hobby. While talking to my dad about it, he mentioned that he would really like to take one of those all-inclusive Prospecting Vacations that he had read about some years ago. This site came about because of that request. While doing research for a prospecting vacation for us to take, I realized that many (not all) of the locations out there had either very little or no information or they were hard to find online. And I have to tell you, finding some of these locations was not easy. I’m sure I have missed many more.

Unfortunately, my father passed away before we could plan a prospecting vacation of our own. I hope to visit as many of these locations as possible and pass the joy of this hobby on to my own girls. Like many things, prospecting is becoming a lost skill. I encourage everyone to try it at least once. Just beware of gold fever, it’s very contagious.

Quick video of one my trips to the “local” spot.


  1. Hello Dan, Can’t recall if this is the e-mail I used to sign up for your site. I check this one the most often. Seems there is a woman that is posting some very negative comments about us. I would like to know if this can be stopped, if not perhaps we should take our information down. We had a woman that came to our resort this summer that had lost her husband , I gave her an excellent package for she & her son, I gave her a side by side for transportation without cost & a cabin for she & her son at a fraction of the cost to anyone else because of her situation. She became very irate with almost all our guests & myself within four days of her arrival. I had to ask her to leave. I refunded her entire fare & paid for a room in town at the Nugget Inn. She said that her husband had a heart attack & died, than she claimed he was killed while in the military defending our country, than by a drunk driver, when she over heard a guest telling another that he didn’t drink as he had been arrested for a DUI when he was 18. She immediately accused him of killing her husband & continued to verbally attack the other guests in the same manner. It has come to my attention from one of our guests that she is posting on your site directly attacking our resort & us in general. Her intent is to discredit us of course. We have been operating since 2012 & have many return guests each year. We pride our self in giving excellent service. The information this woman is posting is incorrect. If these posts can not be removed, will you please contact me to find out how my site can be removed. Thank you so much for your assistance. Betty

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  3. Hello Dan, I am glad that you found our site. We are anxious to get our business in full operation. Thank you for giving us a boast. You have a very nice site. Hope you can get to Alaska sometime soon.

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