Reservation Required

Columbia, CA

  • Phone: 209-588-1635
  • Web site
  • Length of Vacation: Day tours with multiple day charters available (call or email for details)
  • Cost: $115 /day (starts at 9:15am to 2:15pm with cleanup afterwards)
  • Open: Not sure, I believe summer trips only (call or email for details)
  • Type of Prospecting: Gold – Panning, Sluicing
  • Equipment: Provided
  • Instruction: Included with the cost
  • Lodging: Not provided (check local area for campgrounds or hotels)
  • Meals: Bring your own lunch (call or email for details)

From their web site:

Rob offers private dredging charters, gold panning/sluicing expeditions on private claims. One of the claims had a 20 stamp mill for production and a 6 stamp mill for just testing assays. The old miners followed the gold up the waterway to the source and worked the load bearing rock in the earth. The tailing’s from the mine covered the majority of the original waterway. They never thoroughly worked the main water system as they found the load source which was the main objective of the mining operation. We are now working those key areas of the waterway which are even more productive than before due to the tailing’s decomposing and liberating gold out of the load rock onto the original gold deposits existing in the main water system of ancient tertiary gravels.

Email for more details and pricing. You will have a time of your LIFE dredging using a 6 inch Keene dredge equipped with a 263 and a T-80 air compressor so more people can Dive. Also available in the same area is a 21/2 inch dredge on a very limited basis. In off-season Come out and enjoy using a High Banker or the Gold Grabber.

A new addition has been added for our adventures. Its location is on the famous woods creek near historic Jamestown, California. This area is known for its high gold content and only sluice boxes are allowed. Mining on this claim is year round. This claim has been aired on TV numerous occasions as Joshua Vick is the star feature with all of his wit and wisdom on the show of Cash and Treasures. Records show that mining occurred a year before the famous gold rush in California during 1848 caused by Sutter’s Mill. Sutter’s Mill is when the secret of gold got out to the world.

Rob has studied and thoroughly tested the areas locating the Gold Belts on the claims. It will be Fun for all. He will build on the knowledge level you have by adding new techniques to your skill level. Wonderful time for NEW and OLD prospectors alike.