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GPAA Membership Outings

These are Membership Vacations, you must belong to the GPAA or LDMA to attend.
  • Phone: 800-551-9707
  • Web sitehttps://www.goldprospectors.org/
  • Length of Vacation: 3-day and 5-day outings
  • Cost: Three-day outings are $100 and  five-day outings are $175 for GPAA members; $60 and $100 for LDMA
  • Open: Seasonal (see site for details)
  • Type of Prospecting: Gold – Panning, Sluicing, Dredging
  • Equipment: Provided and bring your own
  • Instruction: I believe it is provided (call or email for details)
  • Lodging: Provided (site does not say what kind, call or email for details)
  • Meals: Unsure (call for details)

From their web site:

For more than 50 years, the GPAA in conjunction with the LDMA has been running common gold operations designed for our members to come together and find gold. The outings are an opportunity for members and their families to come out and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other prospectors and get a chance to meet some of the staff members from GPAA headquarters.

The outings offer many opportunities to get a hands-on approach to learning various aspects of gold recovery. We offer at the different outings a chance to run highbankers, trommels, drywashers, and even the occasional dredge, these operations will vary from camp to camp. Sit in on lectures and demonstrations that have in the past covered topics such as panning, sluicing, metal detecting, filing claims, dowsing, general prospecting, and the open question and answer sessions; the topics are ever changing.

We run three-day and five-day outings where the participants work one approximately four-hour shift per day (three-day outings participants work a total of two shifts; five-day outings participants work a total of three shifts). All the gold found is split between the participants on the final morning, normally Sunday.

The outings are also an excellent family getaway. At past outings, we have had birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and also the famous New Year’s party at our final outing of the year at our Stanton Arizona camp. Come out and bring your detectors and other equipment to try your luck at a prospecting adventure. Most outings offer a Saturday potluck, bonfire and a chance to sit around and share some tall tales of your prospecting adventures.

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  1. Wyatt

    I would really like to do an outing. I am not a GPAA member and have NO experience. Is this right for me? I’m really excited about prospecting but don’t know anything. Maybe you could provide me with some information on the outings and the other novice services? Thanks!

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