Ravensdale, WA

  • Phone: (425) 413-1122
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Web site: http://geologyadventures.com
  • Length of Vacation: One day to multi-day trips
  • Cost: $45 and up, depending on the trip
  • Open: Year-round
  • Type of Prospecting: Gems
  • Equipment: Call or email to ask
  • Instruction: Provided
  • Lodging: Depends on trip
  • Meals: Depends on trip

From their web site:

Welcome to GeologyAdventures.com! I’m Bob Jackson, a retired geologist. I’ve been collecting minerals, fossils, and plain ol‘ pretty rocks since I was a Cub Scout, and now I’m … well, practically a fossil myself. While working as a collector for museums, I’ve acquired some world class collecting localities which I’d love to share with you, your family & friends.

In 1983, after volunteering to run school field trips for my wife’s 3rd grade classes, I started this ‘little’ business, which has grown to provide collecting opportunities and learning experiences to over 2000 people per year. If collecting abundant mineral specimens amid spectacular mountain scenery appeals to you, try our Rock Candy or Rockin adventures.

If your kids think getting dirty in search of crystal or fossil treasures would be fun, join us for a day of exciting, educational exploration on our Crystal Kid or Amber trips; or come along on some of our 3 to 5 day “Rockin” summer adventures across the west, collecting geologic goodies as we go.

If adventure travel is what you crave, join us for amazing collecting experiences in Australia or Spain. This website tells you how to do all that and more. See you in the hills!