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Spectrum Sunstone Mine

Plush, OR

  • Phone: 775-830-5797 or 775-772-7724
  • Web site: CLICK HERE
  • Length of Vacation: Day or more
  • Cost: Varies – Up to $200/hour, depending on activity (call for details)
  • Open: Seasonal (May 1st – November 1st)
  • Type of Prospecting: Oregon Sunstone
  • Equipment: Bring chisel, hammer, rock pick, and screw driver, and a bucket. Loaner screens available.
  • Instruction: Website does not say (Call for details)
  • Lodging: Cabins and Tipis available
  • Meals: Bring your own (website does not say)

From their web site:

Spectrum Sunstone Mine, located near Plush, OR, in Lake County Oregon, is open for mining the Oregon Sunstone. Visit us and dig and screen through designated pile of fresh unprocessed ore for free all day, keep what you find (mine personnel must be present). Additional days are $50 per person per day, keep all. Kids 12 years old and younger are free, always. Clubs and families welcome.


  • High-Grade Conveyor Belt Run…For the ultimate mining experience, pick off our commercial screen plant conveyor belt and our crew will help you pick the gems and payer gets to keep everything that shows up in one hour of running the plant, $200 per hour, nearly 6 tons of ore is processed during the hour and many stones are found. Water is used to wash the dirt from the ore processed on the conveyor belt.
  • High-Grade Condensed Commercial Ore Piles: Screen through concentrated high-grade sunstone bearing ore piles $150 or $200 per pile. Families and groups welcome. Water washing is available. High-Grade Pit Digging: For the “hands-on” experience… Use your digging tools to break through basalt lava rock in one of our high-grade red and green sunstone pits. $100-$200 per person (or sectioned off area).

NEW!!! Cabin accommodations $45 per night. Stay on site at Spectrum Mine in one of our clean one room cabins. Bedding and cooking gear is not included. Call Jessica for reservations, 775-830-5797.

Tipi Accommodations: Stay in a 20 foot tipi with fire pit, $35 per night. Please call Jessica for tipi reservations, 775-830-5797.

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  1. Dan & Susan Frank

    We had a great time last week. We brought back two mason jars of sunstones, including one natural heart shape stone. We did some digging on our own, belt run and bought a bag of high grade ore. The bag provided several hours of fun for both of us. We have some great examples of the full color spectrum and several excellent large ones to boot. Looking forward to trying the Himalaya Mine in California.

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