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I Found a New Gold Panning Location in CA!

I found a new gold location in Jamestown, CA. It looks like they are set up for novices and more seasoned prospectors as well. They give classes with equipment, or you can pay-to-play at their location if you already now what you’re doing. Find out more HERE.


Are you near Midland, NC??

If you are, you are close to what looks an awesome time Saturday April 13th! Reed Gold Mine in Midland NC is have a BBQ festival! For $17 you get to try a BBQ and side dish from FIVE RESTAURANTS!! YES… 5!! Makes me wish I didn’t live all the way on the west coast.

They are going to have underground tours, panning for gold, the stamp mill, walking trails, the museum all for free except for panning ($3 plus tax per pan).

Get all the details and tickets here:

This looks like a FUN trip…Finland!

I just found out that there is a village in Finland that has pretty much dedicated their tourism to gold mining. What!? I know! The scenery looks amazing and the color doesn’t look too bad either. Best part? They are open all year long. They have indoor gold panning during the winter. PLUS, they are holding the 2019 World Gold Panning Championship in August.

Here’s a little from the article I found the village on

“Finnish Lapland is the land of myths, legends, and dreams. Many are centered on Lapland’s gold fields and those people who, even today, are chasing after the world’s purest gold – the one found in and around the Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki rivers.”

“Every year, the gold fever infects adventurers and tourists from near and far, too. Rising and falling for almost 150 years, the gold fever, with all its human drama of heroes and villains, has helped shape the cultural history of Northern Lapland. Kai. J. Rantanen, born in Southern Finland, was lured by gold as a young man while hitchhiking to Norway. He stopped in the Lemmenjoki area and never left.”

New GEM Location!

Geology Adventures

I found a new gem site that is a little different than all the rest. Bob Jackson takes people out on gem finding adventures all over the world! He’s based in Washington but does quite a few tours outside the state. He has a schedule up on his website, and space is limited on his tours!

Big nugget in Arizona

Here’s a nice little tale of what persistence will get you. Sometimes you come home with nothing but black sand and trash. Sometimes you come home a winner!

Visit the GPAA website for the full story.


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