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Nice Article: Why A Londoner Became a Backwoods California Gold Prospector

The article is a couple of years old, but it’s new to me. It’s about a journalist from London that came to California to do a story on gold prospecting… and stayed!

From the article: Speaking from his home in London, Boggan describes standing chest-high in mud on the Bear River; how 80 percent of California’s gold is still in the ground; and why today’s Americans could use a bit of the pioneer spirit that inspired prospectors during the 1849 Gold Rush.


Learn what it takes to stake a claim.

Chris D’Angelo, a reporter for the Huffington Post, wondered what it took to stake a mineral claim on federal land. So he set out to find all the necessary steps.


SAN JUAN COUNTY, Utah — Forty miles as the crow flies west of Blanding, Utah, just up the road from the former uranium boomtown of Fry Canyon and a dirt airstrip, is a parcel of federal land historically valued for its radioactive metal and other hardrock minerals.

The tracks of mule deer and cattle criss-cross a maze of red rock, cacti and parched-looking shrubs. The only signs of human life are the contrails from airlines overhead and the sound of an occasional car buzzing along State Route 95.

Here is where I decided to stake my claim, the first step a prospector takes to mine public lands.

To read the full article: CLICK HERE

Saddle up and see the ghost towns of the Southwest | Dallas Morning News

DEATH VALLEY JUNCTION, Calif. — The Amargosa Hotel was once a hub of activity. The Spanish Colonial-style buildings were filled with workers from the Pacific Coast Borax Co.Saddle up and see the ghost towns of the Southwest | Dallas Morning News

Once the mine shut down, the people left, leaving the U-shaped hotel and the opera house attached to it at the center of what is now considered a ghost town.

“There wasn’t much reason for people to stick around, other than to stay at the hotel or visit the opera house,” the Amargosa’s Bob Muldowney said during a tour of the opera house. “Now, that’s all that’s left.”


Saddle up and see the ghost towns of the Southwest | Dallas Morning News.

The Gold Bucket

So one of my buddies just bought one of these. We tried it out at his house with some gravel he brought back from N. Cal. It was catching some small gold…cause that’s all he had! LOL  Anywho, we plan on taking this bad boy out to the field and see how it does. If it works well we might just be leaving the sluices at home.

By Christian Hill
The Register-Guard
PUBLISHED: 12:00 A.M., JAN. 26

Mark Peterson has hit paydirt with a gold panning kit.

His company, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Inc., has sold more than 2,200 kits in 14 months and allowed the 46-year-old Eugene resident to realize a lifelong dream of taking a product from concept to market.

His kit quickly developed a following in prospecting circles, garnering nearly 9,700 “likes” on Facebook, posts from customers who have struck gold using the kit, and the attention of Jim Thurber, one of the stars of the reality show “Gold Rush.” Thurber, a Portland resident, made a trip to Eugene to check it out and praised it online: “So nice to use something that works and is so easy to use!!!”

While reality TV and social media have spread word of Peterson’s kit, he has also gotten a boost from the state of Oregon and from other states that have tightened regulation on motorized prospecting equipment. This resulted in prospectors looking for alternatives, such as the Nugget Bucket.


Using Google Earth to Prospect

I’ve read several articles on how to use Google Earth, even watched a few videos, but I’ve never quite gotten the hang of how it was supposed to help me. I found a You Tube video today that changed that.  An outfit called Yankee Gold Prospecting Adventures has a quick 10 minute video that is very informative and easy to understand.  Hopefully I’ll put a little more color in my pan now!

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