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To find a gold or gem vacation spot click on the Gold Prospecting or Gem Hunting menu, and select your location. I have them listed by State or International. All locations that I have been able to find are listed. If you know of a vacation spot that is not listed (must have a website) please let me know. I’m always looking to add more.

If you go on a prospecting vacation, please come back and let me know how it was. Don’t forget to take plenty of pics and video!

Thanks and have a great vacation,

P.S. Please be aware, I DO NOT have an affiliation with any of the locations listed here. Please contact each location from their listed website or phone number.


Nice pics from the GPAA Alaska Outing


Gold Fever is back!


  1. Hello Dan,

    Special thanks to you for all that you do with your website. Gold fever prospecting is under new ownership as of 2015, wanted to talk with you and introduce myself as well about our camp up in Chicken alaska. If you could please contact me I would love to talk with you and share more details of our camp and the activities we have available for our guests!

    Hope to talk soon
    Casey Trotti
    Goldfever prospecting
    Business 844-GOLDFEV
    Cell (719)431-2388

    • Dan

      Hi Casey, Soooo sorry for the long delay getting back to you. I moved from CA to WA and it been taking a bit to get adjusted. I just saw your update on Gold Fever Prospecting. I updated my page. Let me know if you have any video you would like to add.


  2. Hello Dan,

    Lisa and I are the new owners on the Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine in the Cowee Valley of North Carolina.

    The most important thing is that the mine now opens on May 1st, so PLEASE update the date on your listing! We don’t want anyone to have a bad April Fool’s Joke played on them . . .

    As with everything these days, the prices have changed, please refer to the mine website for most current pricing. FYI the pricing on your site wasn’t what the previous owners pricing was when they sold either.

    We will be updating the website once we are up and running in May. That is taking a backseat to physical improvements that we are making to the mine, including (but not limited to): replacing the seating benches along the sluice line, repairing & repainting the office and restrooms, and relocating the “Dig Your Own” pay dirt to a more accessible location. We will also be creating a YouTube channel, so we can post videos of the dig site and transporting of pay dirt to the Dig Your Own site, to keep the naysayers at bay (regarding the native soils and non-salting issues). This relocation will also minimize liability issues with insurance coverage.

    Thank you very much for your attention to this!

    Lisa and Matthew Michalik

    • Dan

      Hi Matthew, Thanks for the update. Let me know if anything changes!

      Good luck,
      Dan Guzman

  3. Kim

    Thank you for the links to finding a vacation, in your personal opinion we will be going late march. We have never been and our youngest daughter will be with us (14) where would be the best place for the family and memories to make them want to come back? North Carolina, Georgia, etc..? It has to be east coast to keep it close to home.

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