North Carolina

Cotton Patch Gold Mine – New London, NC

Thermal City Gold Mine – between Marion and Rutherfordton, NC

4 Responses to North Carolina

  1. Laurie Odom says:

    we are staying at hanging rock state park is there any place near us

    • Dan says:

      Hi Laurie, The closest location to you is the Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite. But it’s still about 100 miles away. They don’t have gold, but the have a lot of gems. Good luck! -- Dan

  2. Kim Mandernach says:

    I would like to plan a weekend vacation/ panning for my husband. He has been interested in mining and he reads on it but we have not tried it. Please tell me where the best place to go and stay would be and what we should do. I need to stay on the east side like Georgia, North Carolina, etc

    • Dan says:

      Hi Kim, I’m glad you like my site. I haven’t been to any of the East Coast locations, though, so it would be hard for me to say which is the best. There are several locations in Georgia and NC. I would start with the one closest to you. Give them a call, let them know you’re new to prospecting, and would like to visit their location. I’m sure they’ll be glad to let you know what you need to bring to get started. Also, many locations will rent you the equipment; so you’re not stuck with a bunch of pans and sluice boxes if you don’t like it. -- Good Luck, Dan

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